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The Top 100 Latina Blogs

With Or Without Shoes
1 My own outfits (streetstyle) including my personal point of view of fashion and new trends. I also include my New Ins (acquisitions) and my beauty tricks.

Special attention to accesories (Shoes, bags
In: 158 Out: 42
Latina Fatale
2 Latina Fatale provides a view of the world through the eyes of progressive Latina feminists (and their allies). We break rules and make machistas tremble. In: 2 Out: 26
Peace Be With You
3 My poems embrace hope and joy. They also acknowledge that life can present stiff challenges affecting health, relationships, and finances; in short, life in all its variety. In: 1 Out: 19
Mami of Multiples
4 offers parenting resoures for families, multiples, and bilingual children. Joscelyn is a columnist, journalist, writer, blogger, co-host, consultant, public speaker & a Latina Mami In: 1 Out: 30
Judith Mercado
5 I discuss my book Peace on the Journey: Poems, available on Amazon. I also offer reflections about culture, Puerto Rican identity, and writing. In: 1 Out: 24