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Here you will find the top 100 Latina blogs on the net! Are you a Latina blogger? Then submit your blog and see where you rank!
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Site Of the Moment: Speak Hispanic
Showing you the way into Hispanics hearts, one random fact at a time.

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26 In: 1 Out: 0
The Writing Life
27 I'm a writer, blogger and artist from Ponce, Puerto Rico. My blog is about the writing life as I work toward seeing my novel-length manuscript turn into a published book in your hands. I write about In: 1 Out: 0
28 If you love DIY proyects and fun makeup this is your site Welcome In: 1 Out: 0
Taco Diaries
29 Taco Diaries is a combination taco hunt and lifestyle blog by visual artist Claudia Garcia Trejo. In: 1 Out: 0
Creating balanced life success
30 Inspiring and Empowering Latinas to be more than they think they can be! Unleash the Divine goddess within, Love your Latina-ness!!! Create balanced life success!! for Latina women over 45!! creating a home for the latina- that has seen life " Cuando ca In: 1 Out: 0
Living the Life!
31 Encouraging, equipping and empowering women and teen girls to live transformed lives of wholeness, victory and purpose. In: 1 Out: 0
32 Featuring news regarding the Puerto Rican community and information for fellow trauma survivors like me. I have just written my memoir called "NEWYORICANGIRL...Surviving my Spanglish Life" and will be releasing it very soon. I am an award-winning journali In: 1 Out: 0
Puerto Rico Sun
33 a cultural news and photoblog focusing on themes related to Puerto Ricans and the Diaspora In: 1 Out: 0
The Chic Latina's Guide to Life...
34 Relationships, Sex, Parties, Family, Food and Drinks... Just a few of the topics that I am familiar with... In: 1 Out: 0
Sabor a Cajeta
35 A site where I share my passion for crafting, photography, raising my kids bilingual and adventures as a mama. In: 1 Out: 0
Maggie at the Cafe
36 A compilation of chapters based on my grandmother's life story. Her story begins with her mother's murder in Chapter one. She struggled to find her identity and uncovered a lot of her history alon In: 1 Out: 0
37 In: 1 Out: 0
Mami of Multiples
38 offers parenting resoures for families, multiples, and bilingual children. Joscelyn is a columnist, journalist, writer, blogger, co-host, consultant, public speaker & a Latina Mami In: 1 Out: 0
My 9 Month Journey to Mommyhood
39 My site is about my journey to becoming a mom. As a first timer I am going through everything for the first time. From feeling a first baby kick to finding out that I'm expecting a boy. I blog abou In: 1 Out: 0
40 In: 1 Out: 0
41 In: 1 Out: 0
No Hablas Espanol: How to be Hispanic in America
42 This blog is about the life of a 4th generation Hispanic woman. In: 1 Out: 0
Consejos Sentimentales
43 In: 1 Out: 0
Student Saving Bucks
44 Student Saving Bucks is about a 21 year old bi-racial college student. It is a "frugal" type blog listing great deals, freebies, etc for those trying to save money. I also do reviews, giveaways and In: 1 Out: 0
Mami Ville
45 A blog for mothers of elementary school-aged children, specially for Latina Mothers. In: 1 Out: 0
Esposa Perfecta
46 In: 1 Out: 0
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